Rosemary (sophy) wrote,

WisCon 40 Panel Write-up Link Post

And now, an end to the spam as I collect links to all of my panel write-ups and other posts all in one place for further linkage.

Feel free to link to this, or any of the posts individually. And feel free to comment here or wherever you found the link from initially - whichever you prefer. I hope this was helpful for folks.

And please point me to other panel write-ups - either of these panels or of ones I didn't personally get to.

my pre-con about me post

my post-con how I do social media post

General Post-con Wrap-up post

Panel Notes:

When Villains Are Our Only Representation (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the baddie)

Body Positivity and the Disabled Body

Critiquing Bootstraps, Positive Thinking, Diet and Exercise

Female Friendship in Fiction

Intersectionality and Other Words Taken from Women of Color

Bi Invisibility

Polyamory Won't Fix Your Love Triangle

There Is No Aging Out Of Fandom

Is Rey a Mary Sue?

Super Girls and Women in TV and Movies

Women Loving Women on TV
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