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The less I seek my source

Dancing the edge of sanity

29 July 1975

About my friend’s list, commenting, and filters:

I appreciate a comment intro when friending me, but anyone is welcome to friend me and read my public entries.

I don't always add back and do weed my list down on occasion. Due to health issues, I can't always reliably keep up with a large list and so try to keep it somewhat compact. OTOH, when able, I enjoy reading lots of journals, so like to keep my list varied and interesting.

I post mostly publicly. Filter groups I have are based on trust levels and only get used for very very personal things.

I don't allow anonymous comments so as to cut back on spam and harassment, but check out openid to comment if you don’t have an LJ.

Again, due to health issues, I tend to be bad about responding to comments, although I do try my best to comment to posts as I read. But it could take weeks or even months for me to get back to comments at times, so please don't take it personally.

Journal content:

When health is good, I talk about politics, philosophy, theology, television, books, movies, food, and the daily random babble of my life.
When health is not good, I talk a lot about my health and a little about those other things.
When health is bad, I'm gone for long periods of time and come back with either short "still alive" messages or long summaries of the time passed.

I am a grown up and do sometimes use grown up language or talk about grown up subjects.

I will almost always use cut-tags for subjects generally considered triggery, spoilers for fandom stuff, TMI-related health content, and extremely long posts – whether they are personal in nature or a silly meme.

People I'm prone to talking about without explaining who they are every time:

Cleo is my cat. She's often called "the monkey", "the baby", "the kitty", or any handful of cute nicknames with those keywords in them.
Angie (taeli) is my good friend and current roommate.
Dave (symbioid) is my ex, friend, and current roommate.
My mom is runningamok, which I just find fun to say.
The steps are my collective name for the family she married into.
Bro, sil, is usually how I briefly speak of my, erm, brother, sister-in-law (fairmaiden76). I have two nieces, the older one I call monkeyniece in here, and the younger one I call flowerniece.
The ma'amers are the name of my three closest friends from high school and myself. Included in that group are Michelle (often called Michelley, the bestest friend, or just "the bestest"), Carrie, and Jill.
"The girls" or "the ladies" or "the inappropriate girls" tends to refer to a group of local friends including roommie Angie, ma'amer Carrie, Shayla naiadea and Sarah Jean bipagan.

Labels and IDs:

Foodie who is vegetarian with vegan tendencies.

Gender and sexuality: Genderqueer, pansexual, polyamorous.

Health: I'm chronically ill with a variety of physical and mental health issues which have me somewhat, but not entirely, homebound.

Philosophy: Ethical hedonism.

Politics: The party I most identify with politically is Green, but being forced into the two-party system has me mostly voting Democrat. I don't like racism, sexism, abelism, heterosexism, classism, cissexism, or basically bigotry of any variety. I am especially interested in intersectionality. I care about the environment, animal rights, human rights, and can generally be considered a socialist.

Spirituality: I'm a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association and consider myself a mystic agnostic with heavy leanings towards liberal Christianity and other leanings besides.


I love television. All kinds of television. And I watch a lot of it. Like, a LOT of it.

I also read a lot, although not as much as I read. Sometimes I watch movies, too.

Favorite story genres include: Sci-fi/fantasy, teen and family dramas, historical fiction, retellings of classics and fairy tales, soap operas, quirky comedies, dark comedies, musicals, Shakespeare, spy/crime/criminal dramas, mystery and horror, action/adventure, legal dramas, medical dramas, and the occasional reality show.

I maintain homeward_bound, a community for homebound people. It's very inactive right now, but maybe some day I will work on that again.

7 wonders, abc family, access, aclu, agnosticism, american gods, ani difrano, animal rights, anti-racism, battlestar galactica, big brother, board games, body acceptance, books, buffy the vampire slayer, buying local, card games, chick rock, christmas, chronic illness, chronic pain, civil rights, classic rock, clf, co-ops, colored pencils, coloring, community, container gardening, cooking, dancing with the stars, dar williams, disability, dominion, dvr, elementary, environmentalism, ethical hedonism, fairy tales, falling skies, family dramas, fandom march madness, fantasy, feminism, fibromyalgia, folklore, food, gender, genderqueer, general hospital, goddesses, green party, hair bands, hearts, historical fiction, history, homebound, human rights, intersectionality, john hughes movies, joss whedon, justified, kingsburg, kirtan, liberal christianity, list making, lists, livejournal, lost girl, louise erdrich, magical realism, mandalas, mental illness, mosaics, movies, musicals, mysticism, new orleans jazz, nonviolence, northern exposure, octavia butler, once upon a time, organizing, origin stories, pacifism, pansexuality, paranormal fiction, parks and recreation, party games, people watching, person of interest, philosophy, poetry, politics, polyamory, pretty little liars, queerness, reading, reiki, retellings, rumpelstiltskin, sci-fi/fantasy, science fiction, serialized fiction, sex positivity, sexuality, shakespeare, shaved heads, snail mail, soap operas, social justice, socialism, solitaire, sons of anarchy, sophia, speculative fiction, spuffy, superheroes, switched at birth, teen dramas, teen wolf, television, the americans, the dresden files, the fifth sacred thing, the futon critic, the good wife, the hunger games, the indigo girls, the kingkiller chronicles, the mentalist, the mindy project, the neilds, the obernewtyn chronicles, the sims, the vampire diaries, the walking dead, the zombie apocalypse, theology, tori amos, tv, twop, urban fantasy, uua, vampire stories, vegetarianism, veronica mars, wild flowers, wiscon, young adult literature