Rosemary (sophy) wrote,

Holiday Update

Two big family shindigs done. Up early tomorrow to get some more time in with my older niece before her mom and sister show up to take her to more family stuff on the other side of their fam. Been trying to get as many hugs and lap-sits as I can because 1) I just don't see her enough and 2) she has always been so wonderfully physically affection but as these pre-teen years creep in, she might lose some of that - at least for a few years. So I'm taking in as much as possible while I have the chance. Will be good to see sis-in-law and younger niece a bit tomorrow too.

My younger niece has come out of her shell quite a very lot over this past year or so, but she's still introverted enough that you're never sure if you'll get a hug from her or not (which is fine - I respect her bodily autonomy), or get to spend quality time with her or not (which, again, is fine, I respect her need to self-soothe and recharge in quiet), but again - when I can get time with her, when she is feeling affection and huggy, I always wanna soak as much of that in as I can while I can. Because kids grow up so fast. Speaking of, I got some lovely time with baby step-nephew again today. He was totally charmed with his cousin (my older niece), which was very cute to watch.

As always, didn't get enough time to bond with the other adults when kids are around - which is fine, kids come first - but I often end up wishing we could do two gatherings, an adult one and a whole family one. Did, however, get some bonding time with mom and Bill's cat. Bonding with pets is a requirement in any home I enter.

I am so lucky to have such a large family, all of whom get along and enjoy one another's company overall - and who are close enough to visit with for big holidays and other events.

The part of me that never has enough, of course, wishes that some combo of the following was true: 1) I was capable of driving and had access to a car, 2) we all lived even closer to one another - such as in or in/around the same city, 3) other folks's lives were not quite as frantic and hectic as they are, making it difficult for them to - say - pick my gimpy ass up to come visit with them more often, 4) my own health issues disappeared and I was physically capable of sustaining more up-time socializing in ways that go beyond stretching out on my own sofa at home in pajamas, etc.

But, these things are not true, and there is no changing them, so we carry on and remain grateful for all of the time we do get with them and try to make the very most out of each moment we have together.

Well, anyway, ending the rush of family gatherings tomorrow, and after mom drops me off at home, I will be doing a combo of resting and cleaning for NYE company. We'll see how that goes. Might be spending more time at the place they are staying than here. heh
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