Rosemary (sophy) wrote,

Oppose Trump

I just wrote to my governor, senators and representative, state senator and representative, county executive, county district supervisor, mayor, and alderperson asking them to publicly oppose Trump and his forming administration and to take whatever actions they can to block and stop his policies when the time comes.

If you would like to do the same, please feel free to copy and paste all or parts of the letter I composed.

(Keep in mind that calling representatives is more effective than writing or signing petitions, so please do also call your reps on specific issues as often as you are able to)

My letter:

Hello, my name is [my name] and I am one of your constituents. I am writing to all of my representatives from the local to the federal levels today to ask you to take a strong stand against president-elect Trump, vice president-elect Pence, and their forming administration.

While he will become our next freely elected president, Trump did not win the popular vote, and even his electoral win was not large enough that it can be considered a mandate. Therefore I am asking you, as my representative, to take a stand against his many dangerous policies.

We have elected a president who has admitted to sexual assault, who has espoused racism, islamophobia, xenophobia, abelism, misogyny, and other hateful things. He has attacked the free press and stated his disdain for the First Amendment of the Constitution of this nation. His plans for this country include many unconstitutional things, as well as policies that will hurt the most marginalized of our citizens – people of color, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, the sick and disabled, the elderly, the lgbt communities, and of course women. His proposed policies will wreak havoc on the environment, the economy, and relations with other countries for decades to come.

Furthermore, members of Trump’s transition team, and therefore assumed cabinet staff once he takes office, include people like white nationalist Steve Bannon, and climate denier Ben Carson. Trump has also promised to stack the Supreme Court with pro-life judges who will repeal Roe v. Wade.

So what am I, your constituent asking of you? I am asking that you 1) take a strong, vocal, and public stand against president-elect Trump, his proposed policies, and his choice of staff members. Please do not normalize the fact that he is hiring blatant racists, anti-semites, and homophobes as his top advisers. Speak out publicly and often so that your constituents know that you find these things to be unacceptable. I am also asking that you 2) wherever and whenever possible fight against the hateful, discriminatory, and damaging policies that Trump and his team are proposing. Now more than ever we need not only your voice, but your action to block and stop these proposed policies from becoming law.

As your constituent, I am asking you to take a stand for all of your constituents who are: disabled and/or sick, female, Black, Latinx, Asian, Muslim, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Native, immigrants, Jewish, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, trans, non-binary, intersex, elderly, poor, sexual assault victims, and domestic violence victims. I am asking you to take a stand for the education and well-being of future generations, for the environment, and for the citizens of other countries who Trump has so little regard for. I am asking you to take a stand to protect the free press and freedom of speech in this country.

As your constituent, I am asking you to speak up – loudly, publicly, and frequently. As your constituent, I am asking you to fight in every way possible against the policies of this dangerous man. Sadly, the voters in this country have done our job poorly. We now need our representatives in the government on all levels to stand up and do their jobs of protecting us more fiercely than ever before.

Thank you,

[my name/full address/email address]
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