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Fall TV Stuff

I apologize for not being around much but I thought some of you might like one of my old fashioned TV posts. It won't be as detailed as usual because I just don't have the energy for that, but here's a look at some of the new shows I'm thinking of checking out coming soon.


Aftermath premieres Sept. 27th on Syfy and centers on a family in a post-apocalyptic world where they are confronting not only the collapse of civilization but supernatural creatures, as well.

Berlin Station premieres Oct. 16th on EPIX - it's a spy drama focusing on catching a whistle blower.

Channel Zero premieres Sept. 27th on Syfy and is a horror anthology. The first part, called Candle Cove, is about a children's show that may have caused traumatic events in a man's life.

Conviction premieres Oct. 3rd on ABC. This courthouse drama stars a bunch of people I find interesting including Shawn Ashmore, Merrin Dungey, Manny Montana, and Emily Kinney.

The Crown premieres on Nov. 4th on Netflix. It's a drama about Queen Elizabeth II's life.

Designated Survivor premieres on Sept. 21st on ABC. This political thriller stars Keifer Sutherland as the one cabinet member who sits out of a State of the Union address when the capitol is attacked - leaving him the sole survivor and therefore President of the U.S. Maggie Q also stars in this series as well.

Eyewitness premieres on Oct. 16th on USA. It's a crime thriller about two teenagers who witness a violent murder and attempt to stay silent in fear of their own lives.

Falling Water premieres on Oct. 13th on USA. This show is about people connected through their dreams.

Good Behavior premieres on Nov. 15th on TNT and is a drama about a thief and con woman who is trying to get her life together.

Incorporated premieres on Nov. 20th on Syfy. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck help to executive produce this thriller about a near-future time when corporations are even more powerful than they are now.

Marvel's Luke Cage premieres on Sept. 30th on Netflix - the continuation of the Marvel series starting with Daredevil and Jessica Jones now gives us more of the already-introduced character Luke Cage.

No Tomorrow premieres on Oct. 4th on the CW. This dramadey focuses on a young control freak risk averse woman who encounters a wacky man who believes the earth is ending soon.

Notorious premieres on Sept. 22nd on NBC and is about the tension and interplay between criminal law and the media. J. August Richards, Daniel Sunjata, and Piper Perabo are among the stars.

Pitch premieres on Sept. 22nd on FOX. This drama centers around the fictional first woman to play in Major League Baseball. Nifty!

Pure Genius premieres on Oct. 27th on CBS. This is a medical drama about a Silicon Valley billionaire who builds and runs an experimental hospital.

Sweet/Vicious premieres on Nov. 15th on MTV. This series about two college students who decide to become superheroes is purportedly going to focus on female friendship - sounds kinda awesome to me.

This is Us premieres on Sept. 20th on NBC. I'm not entirely sure of the premise of this show - something mysterious about people who have the same birthday and their lives crossing and ???? But it stars Justin Hartley and Milo Ventimiglia so I'm in for the eye candy if nothing else!

Timeless premieres on Oct. 3rd on NBC. It's a time travel thriller staring, in part, Goran Visnjic, who I love.

Van Helsing premieres on Sept. 23rd on Syfy. Modern day female Van(essa) Helsing fights vampires. Damn right she does.

Westworld premieres on Oct. 2nd on HBO. Johnathan Nolan co-created (for TV, it's based off a movie) and co-produces this series about a futuristic fantasy land where humans can satisfy any impulse or vice they wish through the use of AI's programmed to let them.

Wolf Creek premieres on October 14th on POP. This horror series, based on a cult horror film franchise, takes place in the Australian outback. The genre is flipped a bit when the survivor of the mass murderer is set on hunting him down.


American Housewife premieres Oct. 11th on ABC - it's a comedy about a less-than-perfect mom trying to get by in suburban culture. Meh, idk. We'll see.

Easy premieres on Sept. 22nd on Netflix. It's an anthology series and has a star-studded cast including Aya Cash, Dave Franco, Malin Ackerman, and Orlando Bloom.

The Good Place premieres on Sept. 19th - starring Kristin Bell as a not very nice woman who has died and is mistakenly put into "the good place"/heaven.

Graves premieres on Oct 16th on EPIX. It's a dramedy about a former U.S. President who is trying to right the wrongs of his administration. It stars Nick Nolte, Chris Lowell, Ernie Hudson, and Harry Hamlin among others.

The Great Indoors premieres on Oct. 27th on CBS. It stars Joel McHale and Stephen Fry, and that's all it's really got going for it tbh.

Insecure premieres on Oct. 9th on HBO. This show has a primarily black cast and crew, including co-creator/EP Issa Rae who also stars as an awkward "modern-day African-American woman."

Nightcap premieres on Nov. 16th on POP, and is a comedy satirizing the late night talk show genre. Real celebrities will be guest starring regularly.

People of Earth premieres on Oct. 31st on TBS and is about a support group for people who believe they have been abducted by aliens. Michael Cassidy and Oscar Nunez are among the stars of this show, making me think it might be something to tune into.

Search Party premieres on Nov. 21st on TBS. This star-studded dark comedy is about a group of young people who are caught up in the mystery of one of their friends going missing.

Speechless premieres on Sept. 21st on ABC. Minnie Driver stars as the mother of a family that includes a disabled boy who is unable to speak. I love the idea of shows, especially comedies, that include disabled characters and what's more - the actor portraying JJ, Micah Fowler, has Cerebral Palsy himself. Yay to employing more disabled actors!

Stan Against Evil premieres on Oct. 31st on IFC. This horror-comedy stars John McGinley and Janet Varney, which is honestly good enough for me.


Strut premieres on Sept. 20th on Oxygen. This show, executive produced in part by Whoopi Goldberg, is about trans models. Not usually my kind of reality show, but I'll at least take a peak to give some support to a show giving coverage to trans folk.

In conclusion - lots of horror and thrillers this season. I guess folks wanna be scared. I do find it interesting how the horror genre is blowing up in television recently.
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