Rosemary (sophy) wrote,

ten quick things

So let's see, what's going on with me....

1. Relieved to have finished my WisCon write-ups. I enjoy doing them and am glad they are useful to others, but it took a lot of energy this year so I'm glad I got them all done.

2. I'm transitioning from my post-con obsession into my Big Brother obsession. Cast interviews are up, so I'm learning about the new cast and gradually going back into my usual fan haunts to greet old friends and see what's what for the new season. The show comes back next week so I'll be deep into it soon.

Three. My keyboard isn't totally functioning and you can see which number isn't working properly there. Also the y and r keys are so-so. I find myself sometimes copy and pasting them as I type. Ugh.

4. Had my annual lunch with my dad last week. It went better than usual, but still kinda relieved to have it out of the way for the year again.

5. Same day, my step-sis-in-law gave birth. I'm excited and not sure when I'll get a chance to meet the new fella, but looking forward to it.

6. My brother has rejoined facebook and is posting a lot about my nieces, which is a huge joy. I miss seeing them in person more often tho.

7. Orlando makes me hurt. I've written more on tumblr, twitter, and FB about it, so we'll just leave it at that for now here.

8. Physically am pretty beat down, but mentally/emotionally I'm doing good. It's a balance, I guess.

9. Still missing my Cleo girl on a daily basis. But loving the stuffings out of our Shisky and Sheldon buddies.

10. IDK. How are you all?
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