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More on RaceFail09 and racism 101, etc.

Currently, I have battling obsessive drives going on. Part of me wants to obsessively clean, part of me wants to obsessively read about racism and related issues, part of me wants to obsessively play Sims, and part of me just wants to get back onto some semblance of a normal schedule - which is still predicated on my complex OCD rituals, and so is obsessive in nature itself, but is at least more balanced and healthy than doing just one thing.

What's been winning, again, the past few days due to my being too sick and worn out to keep up with the obsessive cleaning has been the obsessively reading about racism and related issues. I'm a bit afeared of how many tabs I have open again, so I'm going to do another link dump.

Here's the thing, though. While all of this has been sparked by The Cultural Appropriation Debate of Doom RaceFail 2009, it's been going in all different directions for me. I've been following links from these discussions to all kinds of places. A likely path would be: 1) checking out rydra_wong's daily link spam posts to 2) an LJ post in response to a response a response etc. of some post that originated from the cultural appropriation debate (and what has become more of a discussion about racism in general) to 3) a link to something else-internet classified as "racism 101" meaning explaining some basic element of racism, anti-racism, and common terms and povs and fallacies in discussions therein to 4) either links to more in-depth discussions about specific issues having to do with race discussions or links to similar "101" sites having to do with sexism, ableism, cissexism, heterosexism, or some other ism. So I've seriously been all over the map on all of these issues, some of which I already knew a lot about and some of which I only knew a little bit about, and some of which I'm in the privileged class for and some of which I'm not. And it's just really been enlightening and fascinating and my brain is exploding all over the place making connections and gleaning new understandings.

It's kinda like I'm taking an intensive course in privilege. And it's not like I've never studied it before, but before it was maybe an article here and a pamphlet there (enough to get the basics), and now I'm immersing myself in information about it.

And yet - it's still an intro course, intensive as it may be. So, take that all as you will. I read a term that really applied to me in some comments section somewhere - "born again anti-racist". Because, I realize I'm all pumped up about something that not everyone else around me is. But I still think it's important to share. And as you all know - I'm a sharer.

More links whether you like them or not (seriously, you can scroll).

RaceFail 2009

RaceFail 09 - the wiki!

Yet Another Cultural Appropriation Post - more good summarizing by Ambling Along the Aqueduct.

Being An Imaginary Conversation Which I Have Been Silently Holding in my Head With Many, Many People I Have Seen Around the Internets Lately; But Whom, for the Sake of Convenience, I Shall Amalgamate Into One Imaginary Person, Whom I Shall Call, Oh, Just to Pick a Name Completely at Random, "David Ravine".

Musings on the cultural appropriation discussions - regarding five stages of awareness and how they've come into play during the recent discussions/failures.

Marge, it takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen. - comparing the Carol Thatcher incident with RaceFail 2009.

Some thoughts on the impossibility of opting out of the economy of privilege "An effective white anti-racist is not an ex-racist or a never-been-racist but instead is a racist who finds racism problematic enough to work against the privileges that systemic racism offers white people at the expense of recognizing the humanity of PoC."

We can't all be Ursula le Guin but - "Everything a person does has ripples, saying that receiving criticism is a reason to not even try is giving up."

in relation to tor - on the question of whether or not to boycott Tor

Racism, Cultural Appropriation, and Completely Missing the Point - nicely numbered sequence of events that actually happened and how some people seem to think they did

No Means No

You Can't Win

Other issues around race

The Audacity of Whiteness: Framing Barack Obama - about white media dissecting our first President of color.

Obama and the End of Racism - a comic.

What We Talk About (And Don’t Talk About) When We Talk About (And Don’t Talk About) antisemitism and Israel - 1 - a four part series, so click through the links to them all. It sounds like there is going to be at least a fifth post yet to come...

For Fun

Bingo Cards -Bingo cards from political discussions around the net. Many having to do with discussions around various isms and privileges, but not all.

Let me google that for you - found amidst comments by POC and allies being frustrated at having to constantly educate people who refuse to do their own research.

On Apologizing

How to Apologize - "We all fuck up sometimes. It sucks, and we hate it. But almost always, when we fuck up, we need to apologize for it. Frequently, there's more to do, as well, but even if there are other amends to make, the apology is a non-optional step. Here are some tips:"

If the Boss Can Admit He F*cked Up, Why Can't We All? - using Springsteen as an example. And someone in the comments section uses Obama as an example, as well. [Sidebar: we have a president who can admit it when he makes a mistake! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!]

Resources on Racism

Baby-stepping away from racism: A guide for white people - "In this post, I've listed four goals that I think are crucial for white people when trying to unlearn their racism (which is a constant and unending process, not a finite goal by any means). Then, I have listed a baby-step for each that will help you on your way to achieving those goals."

Anti-Racist Racist - "I Am an Anti-Racist Racist."

Online Vignette Exercises for Racial Diversity Training - brief vignettes, with commentary. Because it's something I've been seeing a lot of, personally, lately, I wanted to especially point out this one having to do with colorblindness.

Regarding common things Clueless White People say

*And I'm gonna start with the whole Colorblind thing...*

Race Relations 101 - Colorblindness. - "So what’s the problem with colorblindness?" Also check out this blogger's three-part post series on colorblindness.

Why you shouldn’t be colorblind - "Noticing a person’s race doesn’t make you racist."

Being “colour blind” is NOT a solution - "Colour blindness, while it may seem attractive to a lot of people, is not a practice we should be following, but an end point we must work towards." See comments-section where author clarifies this statement even further.

Isn't it best to be colorblind? - right after that Q on the FAQ is one about the "melting pot."

Being Colorblind - "Many white people take the position of being colorblind in order to avoid the issues of racism."

A Poem and Essay on Race and Racism: Behind the Color Blind - from a Christian perspective.

Being colorblind does not offset innate advantages of white privilege - "Being colorblind does not offset innate advantages of white privilege"

*Race Card*

What Kind of Card is Race? - "In short, and let us be clear on it: race is not a card. It determines whom the dealer is, and who gets dealt."

*Summing up a lot of them in one post*

Sixteen Maneuvers to Avoid Dealing with Racism
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